RIP Love Boat

So sad to hear that the Pacific Princess is heading for the scrap yard this week.  I have so many fond memories of working as an entertainer and cruise staff on-board the PP.  Actually the pilot for the Love Boat TV series was was filmed on the Sun Princess, but the Pacific Princess was used for the on-going series.

Can Can dancers on Pacific Princess

I used to laugh when passengers called me “Julie McCoy” after the cruise director on the Love Boat TV show.  There were a few differences between the TV Julie and I.  Besides the fact that I’m sure her salary was substantially higher than mine, she didn’t work 12 – 16 hours per day and I didn’t sit around with the Captain discussing the love lives of passengers.

But I did have adventures and great friendships during my time on the Pacific Princess (PP as she was affectionately called by officers and crew).  My favorite itinerary was the Mediterranean.  The PP was a small ship by today’s standards and could dock on the Grand Canal in Venice, a short walk to San Marcos Square.

I also loved the Mexican Rivera cruise the season we sailed from San Diego (my home port).  One cruise Gen. Westmoreland & his wife sailed with us.  They were so gracious, they asked if they could my laundry or anything else off at my house after they dis-embarked.  Despite having full laundry service on-board, I almost said yes just to see my Father’s face (an USMC Lt. Colonel) when a general showed up on his doorstep with a bag of dirty laundry!

She was a beautiful ship and the ship’s company was a dedicated and fun group that worked hard and played hard.

Pacific Cruise Staff after 4 hours sleep


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